A healthy mind in a healthy body

Acharya's unmatched sporting infrastructure along with its highly qualified coaches and instructors has made us one of the top institutions in the area of sports in Bangalore. The sporting culture of Acharya helps develop teamwork, leadership, tolerance and determination within our students.

Acharya's Sporting Infrastructure:

  • Multipurpose 10,000 seater Stadium
  • Basketball Courts
  • Kho-Kho Court
  • Indoor Sporting Facility
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis Court
  • Multipurpose lawn
  • Volleyball Court

List of Sports:

  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Football team
  • Volleyball team
  • Kho-kho
  • Baseball
  • Taekwondo
  • Kabaddi team
  • Tug of War
  • Softball
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Athletics
  • Shooting
  • Archery
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Ball Badminton
  • Fencing
  • Handball
  • Netball
  • Throwball

Major Sporting Events

Acharya Premier League is a sporting festival that portrays the love for cricket at Acharya. With 12 teams, 200+ players competing against each other to win the tournament, APL has transformed into the biggest sporting spectacle in Acharya. The tournament traditionally takes place during the month of March and attracts the best cricketers and cricket fans on campus.

Acharya Football League is a 5 a side football tournament that takes place annually on campus. With International and Indian students sharing the pitch to flaunt their footballing skills and passion to take their team to glory. The tournament is played under the light in front of a packed arena during the month of March every year.

Acharya Pro Kabaddi League is an in-house Kabaddi competition that takes place annually during the month of March. The competition takes place during the evening in front of a cheerful crowd supporting the raiders and defender of their favourite team.

Acharya Volleyball Tournament engages students and faculty in the sport Acharya is most successful in. The tournament takes place as part of Acharya Habba's sporting event and attracts hundreds of volleyball players and fans to the arena. To add to the visual aesthetics, the tournament takes place under lights and forms a spectacle with its high-quality competitive standards.